Are you a beginning or struggling homeschool mom? Let us help! Our Homeschool Teacher’s Manuals will teach you how to homeschool history, science, language arts (from phonics to high school writing), and fine arts–using real books!

Written by two seasoned, successful homeschooling moms, our homeschool Teacher’s Manuals will answer your questions, help get you organized, and show you how to use real books (instead of textbooks!) to teach everything but math and foreign language.

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Note that if you purchase either the Primary or Intermediate Unit Program Tools, the K-5th Grade Teacher’s Manual is included. Likewise, if you purchase the Preparatory or Secondary Unit Program Tools, you’ll automatically receive the 6-12th Grade Teacher’s Manual. 

But we also offer our homeschool Teacher’s Manuals for sale separately for our Daily Lesson Plans users and for those homeschooling moms who could use some mentoring from two seasoned homeschool moms who have successfully homeschooled from Kindergarten through High School.

We believe you can successfully bring your children’s homeschool education to life and have a happy, thriving home, and we want to show you how!

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