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Daily Lesson Plans

daily lesson plans

With our open and go Daily Lesson Plans, you can finally stop worrying about whether you are covering enough.

With our daily lesson plans, your student will study history, science, language arts (reading, writing, grammar spelling, vocabulary, poetry, punctuation…) and fine arts (art, music, architecture…) together.

And they are nestled within the meaningful framework of nine historical units, covering from Creation to Modern.

  • Read through our Teacher’s Manual and look over each week’s lesson plans a week or two ahead of time.
  • Gather your books and supplies from the weekly book and simple project lists provided.
  • Teach!


Our Daily Lesson Plans include:

  • 35 weeks of daily lesson plans covering history, science, language arts (reading, literature, spelling for K-5, vocabulary, grammar poetry, composition, etc.) and fine arts (art, music, architecture)
  • Themes and objectives in history, science, language arts and fine arts each week so you know what you will be covering
  • Daily discussion questions, narration prompts, language arts lessons, and assignments provided so you know what and how to teach
  • Weekly projects with simple supply lists so you may gather what you need ahead of time
  • Step-by-step project directions provided – no more guesswork and late-night hunting on the Internet for activities!
  • Answer keys to any grammar exercises included so you have the answers readily available
  • Supplemental information, web links to additional information, and graphic organizers/notebooking pages included in each weekly plan as needed at your fingertips


Grade Levels Available

Click the links/graphics above to see a sample and scope and sequence for each curriculum!

See Sample Schedules for both our Unit Programs and our Daily Lesson Plans by first clicking on the level you are interested in and navigating to that page. Then scroll down until you see the link to the sample.

Tired of the tears (theirs and yours)?

You don’t have to daydream about tying them to their chairs to get their work done.

Instead, make homeschooling an adventure by reading about swashbuckling heroes, damsels in distress, touch-and-go battles and dangerous escapes. Not only are many of the books we recommend exciting, they often teach real-life lessons on overcoming adversity and building character.

Instead of begging them to read another chapter in their ho-hum textbooks, immerse your children in the sights and sounds of history through reading excellent books. Bring history, science and fine arts to life by reading our best-of-the-best book suggestions and choosing among our many activity and lesson ideas.

Are you worried you aren’t covering enough?

Take a deep breath and stop worrying with our open and go Daily Lesson Plans covering history, language arts, science (K-8th) and fine arts.

All done for you and ready to go.


OR…you might like to craft your OWN lesson plans rather than being told what to say and do.

Put together your own lessons in history, language arts, science, and fine arts using our Unit Program Tools with hundreds of pre-read, best-of-the-best book suggestions and assignment ideas.