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Middle School Daily Lesson Plans

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You can stop worrying whether you’re covering enough with our Middle School Daily Lesson Plans.

With our open and go middle school lesson plans you’ll easily teach history, science, language arts, and fine arts together, organized within the framework of nine historical units covering from Creation to Modern.

Our structured plans offer you an easy to follow, daily plan for study using captivating, high-interest books available from your public or church library or online at Amazon.com.

See the books we recommend in our middle school daily lesson plans here.


Middle School Daily Lesson Plans

Our Middle School Daily Lesson Plans offer:

  • weekly themes and objectives, so you know exactly what you’re covering each week
  • high-interest book lists, so your middle schoolers are captivated by their reading
  • weekly supply lists, so you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips
  • discussion questions, narration prompts, poetry and reading assignments, created for you to make teaching easy
  • history and science projects and experiments, to bring those subjects alive for your middle schooler
  • suggested artists and music for each of our nine chronological units, to enrich your student’s education
  • special language arts help and review, to solidify your middle schooler’s language arts skill and prepare him or her for high school
  • training to help your student to think more logically and analytically, helping him to identify authors’ bias in books, TV, and movies


View a one week sample. 

Click to see the Scope and Sequence, as well.

Our daily lesson plans are available printed in black and white and spiral bound, or as an immediate digital download.

Love the idea but want to try them first?

Try a six weeks digital trial unit for $19.97 (fully refunded when you buy the printed year of plans). You can’t lose! (This is a digital unit that you may download immediately after purchase.)


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1 review for Middle School Daily Lesson Plans

  1. Bonnie

    The Middle School Daily Lesson Plans were just what I needed for my daughter when we began middle school a few years back. My daughter loves to read books, good books, and many books, so this curriculum was the answer to my struggle with finding just the right curriculum for her. The whole year was planned out for the study of history, geography, language arts, science, fine arts, etc., all centered around the reading of wonderful books from ancient to modern times. I did, however, utilize a different science curriculum throughout the year because we were already using it prior to ordering this curriculum. I also needed to choose my own math and foreign language curricula, because the plans did not cover those subjects. All I needed to do was to make sure I had the books to read on hand. This also allowed for my daughter to use some self initiative and look at the schedule and start her studies for the day without me having to tell her what was expected. The daily lesson plans offered a host of hands-on projects, writing assignments, and activities that appealed to my daughter, and I also had the liberty to change or adapt any of them to fit my daughter’s learning style. We had a great year that year and I had less stress because I knew that I was covering the subjects that I needed to cover. I would buy the daily lesson plans again in a heartbeat!

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Are you worried you aren’t covering enough?

Take a deep breath and stop worrying with our open and go Daily Lesson Plans covering history, language arts, science (K-8th) and fine arts.

All done for you and ready to go.


OR…you might like to craft your OWN lesson plans rather than being told what to say and do.

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