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Welcome! I want to help you bring your children’s home education to life and help you have a happy, thriving home, through our curricula, teaching resources, and experienced mentoring. Bookmark this page because it’ll help you quickly get where you want to go on our website. 

I’m Dana Wilson, a homeschool mom “graduate” who home educated from kindergarten through high school. By God’s grace, our children graduated from college and graduate school, and are now grown with young families of their own.


We offer literature-based curricula and teaching tools integrating history, science, language arts, and fine arts for kindergarten through high school.

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Train Up a Child Publishing: 60 Assignment Ideas for Using Real Books

60 Assignment Ideas (K-HS) Using Real Books

How to bring life to your kids’ education by teaching history, science, and language arts using excellent literature instead of dry textbooks!


Have a burning question about homeschooling? You could find your answer on our blog. Below are some of the main categories I blog about.

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We’d love to support you on your home education journey! Take advantage of our free resources, with more to come if you become part of our online community.


If you’d love to create your own units but would prefer to have a framework to build on, you’ll prefer our Unit Study Tools. Alternatively, suppose you’re looking for an open-and-go solution that includes daily lessons in history, science, language arts (reading, writing, poetry, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, etc.), and fine arts. In that case, our Daily Lesson Plans will be the best choice for you.

Although the Bible isn’t a subject area we cover, we use it extensively during our study of the “Ancients” unit, discuss theology during the “Renaissance & Reformation” Unit, and include it in our high school curricula in various ways. All of our curriculum, including our high school classes, are written from a biblical worldview. Our high school public speaking course even has your student write an apologetic speech.

Our Essay Styles for High School will help your advanced 8th or high school student write the five most common high school essays. We include essays written by high school students and demonstrate how they were graded. We also include evaluation tips for the first and subsequent drafts of each essay type your student will write. (We’ve got you!)

If you have any other questions or comments, I’d love to hear them. Click the button below and leave me a comment or your question. I’ll get back to you soon!