Teacher’s Manual for 6-12th Grades




Our upper grades Teacher’s Manual for 6-12th Grades shows you how to homeschool history, language arts, science*, and fine arts.

From helping you get organized to teaching you how to record high school credits and classes, our Teacher’s Manual for 6-12th grades will help you give your middle school and high school students a simple, Charlotte Mason-inspired education.

Our Teacher’s Manual from 6-12th grades will make teaching high school A LOT less scary.

Having this manual to help you teach your middle schooler is great.  But having it the three years before high school will be invaluable.

  • You’ll unlock useful lists of essential English skills your student needs to learn per grade level.
  • Special sections will show you how to evaluate your student’s learning using narration, describe different learning styles and how to teach them.
  • Also, it will help you (and your student) prepare for standardized testing
  • Guide your student to efficiently self-edit his writing, using our self-editing forms.
  • You’ll have the essential tools for big picture curriculum planningso all the essential courses are covered and there are no surprises.
  • Discover how to plan and teach middle and high school units and high school courses and what type of high school electives your student must have.
  • Learn the five types of high school essays your student needs to know and how to teach them. (Learn this in even more detail in our Essay Styles course, written directly to your high school student.)
  • Find out how to award high school credits, keep a high school course record book, and portfolio of your student’s work.

Our Teacher’s Manual for 6-12th grades provides the fundamentals you need. When you need them!

Speaking of fundamentals, The Tools section of our Manual includes forms for:

  • planning
  • middle and high school record keeping
  • student note-taking
  • student self-editing
  • other graphic organizers to help your student and you successfully navigate these crucial years.

See the Table of Contents. 

Note: The digital edition of this Teacher’s Manual is automatically included with your order of our Preparatory or Secondary Unit Program.

Additionally, it’s 100+ pages and arrives as a digital download. As soon as your payment is processed, we’ll send your download link!

*We don’t cover Science in the high school years.

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