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Choose the type of curriculum you are most interested in, and click the “READ MORE” button to learn more and see samples!


salad bar

Unit Programs

Welcome to our salad bar
You love to eat out, but want to take a look at what is available first.  You want to eat what you feel like eating, when and how you choose. In other words, you want to put together your meal yourself.

You want a literature-based homeschool curriculum that gives you the TOOLS to teach how YOU want to teach, rather than telling you exactly what to do and say.

Your preference is to teach with excellent books instead of tired textbooks, teach your multi-age children together, and have the freedom to follow rabbit trails when you encounter them.

You aren’t happy using curriculum unless you can tweak it to make it fit your family, and you love the more relaxed Charlotte Mason pace.

Someone else’s structure and schedule, well…. that makes you crazy.

You want a flexible curriculum you can use alone or combined with curriculum you already have, but you require it to be biblically sound.

We get it.

We design our Unit Programs for homeschool moms just like you.

Our 100+ Teacher’s Manuals tell you what you need to know about teaching history, science, language arts and fine arts, with lots of graphic organizers, planning forms, language arts checklists and notebooking pages thrown in.

Read our Teacher’s Overviews of each time period and decide what you want to cover. Take a look at our pre-read, top quality book suggestions divided by time period and topic, in history, science and fine arts, and choose what you want to read. There are plenty of assignment and activity ideas you can use or tweak to fit your family.


butlerDaily Lesson Plans

You crave the structure and reassurance of knowing you are covering “enough,”
 and want an “open and go” curriculum.

Relax knowing at a glance each week’s learning objectives for history, science, language arts and fine arts. Reading assignments, discussion questions and narration prompts are all there.  Specific science experiments and history projects with complete directions and weekly supply lists are at your fingertips. Copy work, spelling words (for elementary ages) and vocabulary are listed per week. All of the curriculum you need to teach history, science, language arts and fine arts for one year, for each grade level.

Our Daily Lesson Plans are delivered to you ready to go.


High School Courses

We have your history and English courses covered.

After all of the years you’ve already spent homeschooling, why stop at high school? I encourage you to continue to homeschool through the high school years. Now is when you can finally enjoy the fruit of your labors!

I know — teaching high school is intimidating! But I survived and my kids thrived.

Our high school courses will take you through all of the history and literature that your student needs for high school.

All of our courses are written to your student, but include teaching and evaluation keys and rubrics to make it easier on you to evaluate your student’s work.

Our literature-based curricula will help your high school student to write well – but we also give you lots of other assignment choices so you can tailor each course to your student’s preferred way of learning.

Your student can do anything from illustrating a scene in a novel to researching, planning and executing an authentic renaissance feast.  With our high school courses you may choose the assignments that best fit YOUR student.

All of our assignment choices are geared to engage your student with the cultures and time periods your student is reading about in a way that makes school not only fun, but memorable.



Homeschool Effectively and Enjoy it!

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be dry and boring.  If you are struggling keeping your kids (and yourself) engaged, try our customizable curriculum written from a biblical worldview.

Why do “public school” at home using textbooks when you can use literature-based homeschool curriculum written for the way your kids learn?

From our “open and go” Daily Lesson Plans to our unstructured Unit Programs to our High School courses,  now you can stick with one homeschool curricula from Kindergarten through High School.