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curriculum options



salad bar

Unit Program Tools

You’ve always wanted to put together your own, more-relaxed, Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum.  But who has the time? And where do you start?  

We get it.

We designed our Unit Program Tools for homeschool moms just like you.

Like a salad bar you can choose from our Unit Program elements to put together the curriculum you’ve always wanted.

And not only do we provide the tools. We also show you how to use them. We show you how to teach history, science, language arts, and fine arts using real, living literature.

We teach you how to choose books and assignments from the multitude of ideas we offer, how to choose copywork, how to plan and schedule your study, and much more.

Using our unit program tools  you can:

  • thrill your kids by teaching with excellent books instead of tired textbooks
  • easily teach your multi-age children together, saving hours in your day
  • ease the pressure by giving you the freedom to follow rabbit trails when you encounter them, instead of needing to follow someone else’s schedule


Our Unit Programs are flexible.

They can be used alone to teach history, science, language arts, and fine arts. Or you can combine our unit programs with the curriculum you already have on your shelf.

And best of all? Like all of our curriculum, our Unit Programs are biblically sound.

To use our Unit Study Tools, simply:

    • read our 100+ Teacher’s Manual. It’ll tell you what you need to know about teaching history, science, language arts, and fine arts. (Including lots of graphic organizers, planning forms, language arts checklists, and notebooking pages.)
    • read our Teacher’s Overviews of each time period. Decide what you want to cover.
    • view our pre-read, top-quality book suggestions, divided by time period and topic.
    • choose what books you want to read. Reserve them from the library, interlibrary loan, or order them from Amazon.com*.
    • select the assignments and activities you want to do from the many ideas we provide in each unit.
    • then simply journal what you did!

*This is an affiliate link. If you use it to buy something, we get a few cents per item and use it to buy lots of coffee so we can write more curriculum.


Our Unit Program Tools are available as an immediate digital download. 


butlerDaily Lesson Plans

You crave the structure and peace of mind knowing you are covering enough. A
n open and go curriculum lets you sleep better at night.

Take a deep breath and relax, knowing at a glance each week’s learning objectives for history, science, language arts, and fine arts. And your daily reading assignments, discussion questions, and narration prompts are all included.

Along with all copy work, spelling and vocabulary. And writing or grammar lessons. Specific science experiments and history projects with complete directions and weekly supply lists are at your fingertips. All included.

All of the curriculum you need to teach history, science, language arts and fine arts for one year, for each grade level.

All in one package.

Rest easy knowing you are teaching enough. And tweak what you want — move assignments around, add or delete if you want — but you have everything you need at hand.

Our Daily Lesson Plans are delivered to you ready to go,  in print or in an immediate digital download.


High School Courses

Our high school courses provide all of the literature and history that your student needs for college and beyond.

I know — teaching high school is intimidating when you begin. But I survived and my kids thrived. (They had no trouble getting into college and even completed graduate school.)

You can do this.

We make it easy.

All of our customizable high school courses are written to your student. But they include:

  • teaching/evaluation keys so you know exactly what your student should be doing
  • rubrics for creative assignments so you and your student both have an objective guide to follow when completing and grading assignments
  • answers to short-answer questions so you don’t have to do all the reading yourself

Our literature-based curricula will help your high school student crank out well-written essays by the score. But we also give you lots of other assignment choices so your student isn’t just writing.

Your student can do anything from illustrating a scene in a novel to researching, planning and executing an authentic renaissance feast.

With our high school courses, you may choose the assignments that best fit YOUR student.

All our assignment choices are geared to engage your student with the cultures and time periods your student is reading about. And in a way that makes school not only fun, but effective.



Tired of the tears (theirs and yours)?

You don’t have to daydream about tying them to their chairs to get their work done.

Instead, make homeschooling an adventure by reading about swashbuckling heroes, damsels in distress, touch-and-go battles and dangerous escapes. Not only are many of the books we recommend exciting, they often teach real-life lessons on overcoming adversity and building character.

Instead of begging them to read another chapter in their ho-hum textbooks, immerse your children in the sights and sounds of history through reading excellent books. Bring history, science and fine arts to life by reading our best-of-the-best book suggestions and choosing among our many activity and lesson ideas.

Are you worried you aren’t covering enough?

Take a deep breath and stop worrying with our open and go Daily Lesson Plans covering history, language arts, science (K-8th) and fine arts.

All done for you and ready to go.


OR…you might like to craft your OWN lesson plans rather than being told what to say and do.

Put together your own lessons in history, language arts, science, and fine arts using our Unit Program Tools with hundreds of pre-read, best-of-the-best book suggestions and assignment ideas.