The Steps to Writing a Research Paper

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Do you remember writing a research paper? Even if you don’t remember the first thing about it, all you need is this high school course.

This simple guide shows you step-by-step how to teach research paper writing to your homeschooled high school student. From selecting a topic to presenting a formal draft…we break down the parts of writing a research paper into easy-to-follow, manageable steps.

This easy-to-teach, essential one-semester high school-level English elective is written directly to your student. Not only that, but it also has clear instructions to help you evaluate your student’s work, beginning with the first draft.


This course includes an example research paper (with its outline) written by an actual high school student!

Ideally, your student should write two research papers during high school.  Fortunately, you may use this non-consumable course repeatedly whether you have one child or ten!

The steps to writing a research paper

Our teaching methods will help your students learn how to write a formal research paper:

  • Your high school student will sail through the process of learning to write a research paper.  Our activities and graphic organizers help with research, note-taking, bibliography, and paper organization.
  • You’ll have confidence in teaching your student to write a research paper, even if you aren’t a strong writer yourself. Our detailed evaluation instructions give you confidence your instructions are clear, and you’re evaluating fairly.
  • Both you and your student will benefit by having a full-length outline and research paper example with a bibliography written by an actual high school student.
  • Pump up your student’s high school transcript with our optional honors track.
  • Your student’s writing ability will soar with our teaching on specific academic writing problems and techniques addressed in detail, such as plagiarism, writing transitions, footnote instructions in MS Word, self-editing, and more.

The Steps to Writing a Research Paper is 76 pages and printed in black and white. It’s available in two formats: already printed and coil bound or as a digital download that you print yourself.

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1 review for The Steps to Writing a Research Paper

  1. Bonnie

    My daughter used The Steps to Writing a Research Paper as a reference and how-to guide for a home school science class as well as for a sign language class. The science assignment was for her to research a science-related topic, perform research and experimentation (following the scientific method) and compile it into a formal science research paper that culminated in a formal presentation at a National Estuary. She also consulted The Art of Public Speaking curriculum prior to her presentation. The sign language class required her to write a persuasive type of research paper and she used The Steps to Writing A Research Paper curriculum to accomplish this task as well, even though this paper was not required to be as lengthy as the science research paper. All-in-all, this curriculum has been an invaluable asset to our home school courses.

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