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Start your child’s high school literature studies out right! Introduce them to high school-level literature with our General Literature course.

General Literature, specifically designed for ninth graders (or advanced 8th graders ready for high school work),  gently introduces your student to high school-level literature study.

Your high school student will read and compare great works from different genres, including historical fiction, mystery, science fiction, and fantasy. Your high schooler will read powerful authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy, Maya Angelou, Ogden Nash, Chaim Potok, H.G. Wells,  and more, providing a variety of excellent writing styles.

General Literature

Our book selections will keep your student’s attention. Our teaching methods will help your students learn.

link to General LIterature high school course from Train up a Child Publishing


In our General Literature high school course, your high school student will:

  • Improve critical thinking by discovering how to analyze characters and plot elements
  •  Learn about how authors use basic literary devices to affect and influence their readers
  • Study vocabulary (think college readiness exams like the SAT and ACT!)
  • Get the perfect foundation for American, British, and World Literature courses in the years that follow.
  • Better understand and write about literature using our graphic tools.
  • Practice independent learning as he reads text written directly to him/her.
  • Have the opportunity to boost a high school transcript with our optional honors track.

And General Literature also benefits you.

This is a one-credit, one-year high school course. And just like our other high school courses, it’s written from a Biblical worldview. Your student will read poetry, short stories, and at least six novels.  Although General Literature is written directly to students, it has evaluation tips, keys, and grading rubrics for YOU, making it easy to teach and evaluate!

If you want your new high schooler to really hit the ground running in his writing and literature studies, combine General Literature with  Essay Styles for High School.  Essay Styles is our high school composition course that teaches the five basic essays written in high school and will help your student in ALL her other high school courses!

General Lit with Essay Styles is the perfect powerhouse combination to give your 9th-grade student the most solid foundation for high school literature and writing.

*This course would also be appropriate for an advanced 8th grader ready to begin high school work.

 You can give your students a Charlotte Mason-inspired education using high school courses from Train up a Child Publishing.


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