Christian Literature-based Curriculum for Homeschooling Families

  • Curriculum options for Kindergarten through High School, written from a biblical worldview
  • Unit Study Tools to build your own historical units
  • Structured open-and-go Daily Lesson Plans
  • Integrates history, language arts, science, and fine arts
  • Charlotte Mason-inspired, research-based teaching methods
Train Up a Child Publishing: 60 Assignment Ideas for Using Real Books

60 Assignment Ideas (K-HS) Using Real Books

How to bring life to your kids’ education by teaching history, science, and language arts using excellent literature instead of dry textbooks!

Greetings! I’m still sharing the best curriculum with all the homeschool moms I meet … Thank you for creating such a fantastic, REAL, usable, family-centered, multi-age, awesome curriculum! … All true and spoken from experience and from the heart! God bless you.


About Us

At Train up a Child Publishing, our vision is to help you bring your children’s home education to life and help you to have a happy, thriving home. We believe the first pillar of home education is Christ-centered mentoring and discipleship between parents and children. That belief informs our literature-based homeschool curricula, our blog posts, and our experienced mentoring.

Train up a Child Publishing provides literature-based, Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschool curricula for Kindergarten through High School, written from a biblical worldview. We use the best children’s literature instead of dreary, ho-hum textbooks to teach history, science, language arts, and fine arts.

Whether you want a unit study framework to build on with our Unit Study Tools, the open-and-go structure of our Daily Lesson Plans, or our customizable High School Courses, we’ve got you!


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Bio & Awards

Dana Wilson is a homeschool mom “graduate” who home educated from Kindergarten through High School. Her children attended a popular S.C. university (Go Tigers!), graduated from a medical university, and are now medical professionals with families of their own. Her mission is to help homeschool mamas think biblically, bring their children’s home education to life, and help them have happy, thriving homes.

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Dana Wilson, Founder of Train Up a Child Publishing