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Living books instead of dry textbooks!

Would you enjoy a literature-based homeschool curriculum - one based on real, living books rather than the dreary, dusty textbooks you suffered through when you were in school? Or worse, the politically correct textbooks that are in today's public schools?

Biblical Worldview!

Looking for well-written, engaging homeschool curriculum that supports your biblical worldview?

Simplify Your Homeschooling!

Running yourself ragged trying to teach everyone separately? Instead use one homeschool curriculum for history, science, language arts and fine arts - and teach your children together!

Want to see your students ENJOY homeschooling?


Ditch the textbooks and instead try Train up a Child Publishing’s literature-based homeschool curriculum!


Rather than dry, dusty textbooks, we’ll help you teach your children using real, “living” books.

…the kind of books written by authors with a passion for their subjects.

…the kind of books that you STILL remember from YOUR childhood.

Do you want to make your homeschooling more fun? More memorable? Less boring? More effective?



To learn more about Train up a Child Publishing’s innovative, literature-based homeschool curriculum, written from a Christian worldview using Charlotte Mason methods, start with Subject Integration below.



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