Intermediate Unit Study Tools (3rd-5th)

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Take your children from Third through Fifth Grades with our unstructured Intermediate Unit Study Tools.

Tired of trying to piece together your own curriculum, year after year? 

Instead of trying to create a unit study structure from scratch, start with one already built for you. Start with our Intermediate Unit Study Tools. With nine history and topical units, your children will begin at the beginning with Creation, and continue through Modern times.

Not only do we provide the structure. With our Unit Study Tools, you’ll learn how to naturally integrate history, science. language arts, and fine arts within our units.

And even better? All our Unit Study Tools sets cover the same units and topics at the same time, so you can teach your children together.

In addition to that, our Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum will teach you how to use the best children’s books to teach, (instead of the dry textbooks you might be using now).

Along with curated booklists arranged by history unit and topic, we provide a summary of the most significant events and people of each period, assignment choices, project and activity ideas, and across-the-units resources.

 Benefits of using our Intermediate Unit StudyTools include:

  • Carefully curated booklists for history, science, and fine arts that will engage your children like textbooks can’t.
  • a framework from which to teach while giving your child an understanding of the flow of history with our “Creation to Modern” format.
  • The chance to move to fresh material more quickly than the typical 3-4 history rotation, keeping your kids engaged and focused.
  • The chance for your 3rd-5th grade students to see history in more detail than in the Primary Unit Study Tools.
  • A strong foundation in writing as your students gently and gradually experience more structured writing assignments as they move from 3rd through 5th grades.
  • The opportunity to use books that appeal to different learning channels by identifying those books with maps, timelines, outstanding illustrations, and availability on audio.
  • A larger choice of more challenging projects and activities as your student moves from 3rd through 5th grades.


I understand how I’d teach history and science with books. But what about Language Arts?

Our Teacher’s Manual included in the Intermediate Unit Study Tools will teach you how to teach language arts.  It’s easy!

We teach you how to teach narration, dictation, as well as how to choose copywork. And because we integrate subjects, you’ll learn to teach writing, grammar, and punctuation using the same books you are using for history and science.

Additionally, our Teacher’s Manual includes spelling checklists, Dolch Sight Word Lists by grade level, and lots of graphic organizers, tools, and ideas to help you teach and evaluate language arts.

Already have a language arts program you like?  No problem.  Use the Intermediate Unit Study Tools for history, science,  language arts, and fine arts,  OR use it with another language arts program you already have on your shelf.

What’s included in the Intermediate Unit Study Tools?

Our Intermediate Unit Study Tools include nine historical units and one Resources unit, beginning at Creation and ending with Modern times. Additionally, each unit has a 3-10 page Teacher’s Overview of the most notable people and events of that time period.

Additionally, this program includes a 100+ page Teacher’s Manual covering how to teach Kindergarten through Fifth Grades.  You’ll also receive customizable forms, graphic organizers, and other resources and nine printable, cut-apart history bookmarks corresponding to our nine history units.

Note: This is a digital product. You’ll receive the download link as soon as your payment is received.

How do I use the Intermediate Unit Study Tools?

First, simply read our Teacher’s Manual to learn how to plan and teach history, language arts, science, and fine arts.  Choose to plan your study in advance, or just get started and journal what you read and do after you’ve done it.  It’s your choice! We encourage you to use our Unit Program Tools the way that best serves your family.  You can:

  1. Read the Teacher’s overview in each history unit, giving you a summary of significant events and people
  2. Decide on what aspects you want to cover this year for this time period. Areas of focus you could choose could include:
    • Daily Life
    • Wars or conflicts
    • Significant people
    • Geography
    • How the literature of a time period reflects its culture
  3. Choose from our book suggestions labeled by unit and topic and gather your books from the library or online
  4. Pick out the assignments and projects from our suggestions or create your own
  5. Choose a few English skills you want to work on for each week from our checklists
  6. Choose the copywork illustrating those skills from your history and science books (we teach you how)
  7. Have your children narrate over their reading (orally or in writing)
  8. Journal what you and your children read and do. (Or, if you’d rather, plan a unit a week at a time or in it’s entirety.)

And that’s all there is to it!

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Unit Program Notebook, Complete Unit Program

2 reviews for Intermediate Unit Study Tools (3rd-5th)

  1. Rebekah (verified owner)

    Train up a Child is a perfect fit for our family! Teaching 6 children of varying ages, personalities, and some minor learning disabilities has been a big challenge, but this curriculum has met so many needs. We read the day’s history selections first, then I assign independent reading and a writing project at each child’s level, based on what we learned from history. Once a week we do a fun project. It really feels like we are immersed in the time period – from the 1st grader up to the 6th grader and me! I highly recommend this structured yet flexible curriculum!

  2. Kari

    Train up a Child curriculum was the perfect find for our family. Not only did it teach History in chronological order, which was a top priority in our homeschool, but it also moved from one level to the next adding depth at each new level while reinforcing all that had been covered in the years prior. I highly recommend Train up a Child to anyone who wants to teach multiple subjects in an integrated manner and who wants a curriculum that can grow with your children from year to year.

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