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YES, you can successfully teach your homeschooled student high school writing using our Essay Styles course.

Essay Styles for High School is our beginning high school writing course. It’s perfect for your 9th grader (or advanced 8th grader ready for high school level work).  In this course, your high school student will learn the five most common essays in high school and college writing:

  • Narrative
  • Expository
  • Descriptive
  • Persuasive
  • Comparison-contrast

Here’s what one busy homeschool mom like you had to say about Essay Styles for High School:

Essay Styles for High School Christian high school course for homeschool testimony

Our foundational high school writing course uses step-by-step instructions to teach these essential essay writing skills:

  • the purpose is of each type of essay
  • how to choose an appropriate topic
  • to write a solid thesis statement
  • how to support a thesis statement with powerful points
  • proper note-taking, research procedures, and correct presentation of sources
  • how to build each of the five types of essays
link to Essay Styles for HIgh School from Train up a Child Publishing


Additional features of our Essay Styles course:

  • It’s easy for you to teach and grade with our step-by-step teaching instructions, clear evaluation instructions, and rubrics for grading.
  • It’ll save you money, with the Student Book and the Teacher’s Guide in one volume.
  • You and your student will have the opportunity to see examples of each essay style written by actual high school students.
  • You can pump up your student’s high school transcript by taking the optional honors track.
  • Even if you and your student are not strong writers, you can do this with our glossary of terms, teaching, and evaluation tips to help you understand the basics.
  • You’ll have everything you need to teach high school essays with our outlining examples, editing checklists, rubric directions, and templates for each essay style.

Moreover, for the perfect English foundation for the beginning high school student, combine Essay Styles with General Literature for 9th grade English for 1 1/2 total credits!

Do you have an older high school student? Use Essay Styles for a one-semester English elective for any student who needs a solid composition course at the high school level.

link to Essay Styles for HIgh School from Train up a Child Publishing

Additionally, we recommend this course as a prerequisite to all of our literature and history courses, or your student can take it at the same time as another of our courses.

Essay Styles for High School is 100+ pages and is available in two formats: already printed in black and white and coil bound, or as an immediate digital download you may print yourself.

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2 reviews for Essay Styles for High School

  1. Robin W.

    I used Essay Styles for my senior, sophmore and eighth grader last year. My senior was a strong writer already but my sophmore and eighth grader were not. All three students consistently wrote strong, organized essays the entire semester. I was very pleased. I highly recommend Essay Styles.

  2. Bonnie

    I have used the Essay Styles for High School curriculum again and again over the past two years for multiple classes including a creative writing class, two US history classes, an American literature class, and a literary analysis class. It has become my staple curriculum/reference book on how to write narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive and comparison/contrast essays. This curriculum takes you through each step needed to successfully write each of these essays, along with essay examples, outlining methods, editing checklists, and grading rubrics. The course is very easy to follow and can be used alone as an essay course, or used in conjunction with another course like a literature course. My daughter’s writing has improved because of using this course in our homeschooling. I even think that she will be taking this booklet to college in a few years!

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