The Magic and Mystery of Trees

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homeschooling father and son planting tree

Did you know that trees of the same species can help each other by sharing food and water? Or that an injured or “elderly” tree’s neighbors will pass food along to save it?  Or that trees can defend themselves against leaf-eating insects by secreting a bitter taste into their leaves? Especially if these facts are new to you,  you’re going to want to read:  The Magic & Mystery of Trees.  I don’t know when I’ve last come across a book that’s so full of fascinating, research-based information, so beautifully illustrated, and even includes a glossary and index! This is a book you’ll want to add to your homeschool library.

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If you’ve read my blog for any length of time you know I value lessons, books, and resources that give you the best results for the least amount of time and money that you put into them. And I only review living books, books that are alive with thought-provoking, inspiring ideas. Books that bring life to your homeschooling. And this one definitely does.

What you’ll learn from this book

The Magic & Mystery of Trees covers everything you’d want to know about trees, such as:

  • how trees defend themselves
  • the parts of a tree, what each part does, and how all of the parts work together
  • descriptions of the different forests of the world and what types of trees are in each forest
  • how trees communicate with and help one another
  • how stumps can stay alive without any leaves
  • what happens when a tree dies
  • what types of products are made from trees
  • how to protect trees, and even how to plant a tree


What ages will enjoy The Magic & Mystery of Trees

And even better, this book will appeal to a broad age range. The publisher recommends it for 2nd through 4th grades. Although, because of the illustrations and easy to understand info,  much younger children will love it ( in smaller sections). And clocking in at 80 pages, it’s long enough and has so much detailed information that it’s also appropriate for 5th or 6th graders.  Believe me, you’ll learn things you didn’t know by reading this book. The Magic & Mysteries of Trees would be a great addition to your homeschool or family library!

A huge network of tree roots.


When you can use this book

You can use this book when learning about:

  • botany
  • geography
  • nature study
  • habitats
  • conservation/ecology/deforestation
  • study of the seasons
  • natural science
  • Arbor Day/Earth Day



If you are using our Unit Program Tools, I’m adding The Magic & Mystery of Trees to science in the Middle Ages and Westward Expansion units.

Especially for elementary students, consider adding The Magic & Mystery of Trees to your homeschool or family library!


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