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Using our ebook you can confidently teach your primary student language arts. More importantly, you can do it without buying expensive curriculum for reading, phonics, spelling and grammar. 

This handy guide is taken from our Primary Unit Program. With it you can use relaxed, Charlotte Mason-inspired methods and real, living books you gather from the library or Amazon.com to teach your Kindergarten through Second Grade student Language Arts.

So in just minutes a day, you can teach your reading-ready kindergarten student how to read with our instructions, checklists and your own books or library books. 

With library books and our ebook, create your own language arts lessons and teach phonics, the parts of speech, basic punctuation and more.

You Can Teach Your Primary Student Language Arts – simply!

 teach your primary student language arts Teach your children to read using these simple instructions and our Phonics Checklist.

 teach your primary student language arts Help your children fall in love with reading with our easy reading ideas and phenomenal Primary Reading List.

teach your primary student language arts Learn how to evaluate reading and listening comprehension using oral narration.

teach your primary student language arts Lay the groundwork for good writing skills using copy work.

teach your primary student language arts Learn how to teach spelling with our easy instructions and 1st-2nd Grade Spelling Checklist.

teach your primary student language arts Have the Dolch sight word list at your fingertips for Kindergarten through Third Grade.

teach your primary student language arts Use this non-consumable language arts guide with all of your children for pennies.

Besides that,  using these simple, time-tested methods get results. No need to order and wait for separate reading, spelling, grammar, and  phonics curricula.

Not only is ordering all that curriculum expensive, it’s also exhausting trying to have your primary child try and do all the work needed to complete them!  Instead, keep it simple by using copy work to teach grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and reinforce history and science concepts!

In other words, you can teach language arts with the books you are already reading for other subjects.

Order now and begin today teaching your primary student language arts.

This is a summary of how to teach language arts from our Primary Unit Program.

See the Table of Contents  here.


This is a 48 page immediate digital download.




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