Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival – Education is a Discipline

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education is a discipline

Welcome to the March edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival covering (among other topics) Education is a Discipline!

The pics in this post are for those in the North with no flowers yet.

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If you are new here, you’ll want to carve a little time out of your day. But first, grab a cup of coffee or tea. Then spend some time reading these blog posts  from homeschooling moms like you who use Charlotte Mason’s methodology in their home schools.

Expect to learn, be inspired and encouraged!

Although this edition’s theme is Education is a Discipline, there are posts on other Charlotte Mason topics as well.

Parenting = Teaching and Training

The parent who believes that the possibilities of virtuous training are unlimited will set to work with cheerful confidence, will forego the twaddle about ‘Nature,’ whether as lovely in itself or as an irresistible force, and will perceive that the first function of the parent is that function of discipline … — Volume 2, p. 65

Nancy, from Sage Parnassus, posts Parents as Rulers, Inspirers, and Revealers – Charlotte Mason on Thoughtful Parenting. In her post she suggests that Miss Mason had much to offer not only the educator, but also the parent.

Melissa also shares her thoughts on our topic from her blog, Educating Mother: Education is a Discipline {chewing on a couple of things}.

Barb at Harmony Art Mom offers food for thought with her post entitled Homeschooling for Life and Not a Lifestyle. I agree that Charlotte would have wanted to see her charges develop a lifelong love for learning!

Here is Erin’s post, Education is a Discipline, from her blog, Seven Little Australians and Counting.

Habit Training

A very clear presentation of how Sarah instills morning habits in her children, Discipline and the Two R’s,  is posted on her blog, All That’s Good. I love these concrete examples, don’t you?

Another beneficial post along these lines is by Tammy, who chronicles her experience Curing the Habit of Frustration, presented on her blog, Aut-2B-Homeincarolina.

Why Homeschool? Retaining Sibling Relationships, is a thoughtful post by Kelly at The Homeschool Co-op. You will not only enjoy the post – the photos of her kids are too cute!

Nadene also talks about her children, and transparently shares a current struggle  implementing the ‘perfect’ Charlotte Mason home school.  Read her post, Stresses and Struggles, on her blog, Practical Pages.

pink and whiite flower - education is a discipline

Poetry Study

Here are a few posts that either didn’t make it into the last edition of the carnival or were included after it was initially published:

Laura shares her first experiences sharing poetry with her son at her blog, Windy Hill Home School in her post entitled Poetry.

At the other end of the homeschooling spectrum, here is an inspiring poem with suggestions for middle and high school lesson plans included on the Train up a Child Publishing blog,  Anne Bradstreet: Puritan Poet.

Additionally, Amy from Fisher Academy International shares her very useful post on how to analyze poetry For Novel Poetry Analysts…Like Me!.

Nature Study & the Arts

The Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival would not be complete without celebrating nature. Especially during the delightful Spring season!

Barb at her Handbook of Nature Study blog shares her informative and visually cheerful post, Early Spring Flowers – Nature Study and Art Project.

After Barb’s post, head over to Hodgepodge where Trish offers us 10 Easter and Spring Arts and Crafts activities to enjoy.

Jimmie at Jimmies Collage then features her Georgia O’Keeffe  Artist Study (along with the display of her daughter’s beautiful work!)

Thanks to all three ladies for the lesson plans and photos of gorgeous art work to inspire us.

Even if you are not quite ready for the art studies, Melissa’s post Snippets from Charlotte on Being Outdoors will encourage you to carve out the time to regularly leave your four walls and go outside (with your children!) on her blog, Bugs, Knights, and Turkeys in the Yard.

coral flower - education is a discipline

Living Math

In her post at Jimmie’s Collage, Jimmie describes how she incorporates principles of “living” math along with a textbook curriculum in Using Teaching Textbooks in a Living Math Approach.

Scripture Prayer Calendar

And, finally, a lovely gift to us of a downloadable Scripture Prayer Calendar from Nadene of Practical Pages. Thank you, Nadene for the helpful photos and clear directions for creating our own calendars.  As well as for the reminder of the need to be lifting up our children in prayer.

Thank you to the authors and our readers for taking the time to read and comment on our posts!

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17 thoughts on “Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival – Education is a Discipline

  1. Thank you for all you do! I enjoyed this newsletter with all its valuable information. We just started your Ancient Civilization 6 week study and have been enjoying it! It’s a nice change from our traditional school approach. We’d love to win the middle school grade level! Thanks again!

  2. What great ideas to implement a CM curriculum. I would love to win this for 2nd grade!!! Need help 🙂

  3. Great posts, I really need to learn the discipline part. I am so scattered. Each year I feel I have ruined that year or my child. I need to be more organized just to be laid back and enjoy. If that makes any sense.

  4. Thanks for hosting the carnival and weaving all the submissions together!

  5. I also love the pictures! Very beautiful!

  6. This has so much great info! So encouraging – that is really a boost and helps keep me on track with day-to-day here. Thanks so much!

  7. Oh, I just love reading your posts and emails. What a blessing to my mothering heart! 🙂

  8. Hi Erin!
    I am so sorry your post did not make it in – Did you submit it through the regular submission form or send it to You are welcome to send it to Jimmie to be included in the next Carnival, or I could add it to this Carnival. Thank you for sending the link to your post!

  9. Thank you for contributing your insightful post, Nancy! Hopefully you wont have to wait too much longer for those flowers. 🙂

  10. Erin, your post has been inserted with an “Editor’s Note.” Thanks for pointing our the omission!

  11. Thank you for contributing two wonderful posts, Barb!

  12. I sent it to the gmail, however I’m in australia and may have missed the 5pm deadline by an hour or so, always a mental juggle to work out when your 5pm is, we are half a day or so ahead. If you could add it to this one it would be great as it fits with this theme, looking forward to writing for next month;s theme, my favourite topic:) Discipline was much harder, lol.

  13. Another beautiful and encouraging carnival…thanks Dana.

  14. Dana

    Thanks for putting this all together, looking forward to reading all the posts:)
    btw I finally decided to join back in but struggling with the diff time zones, so not sure if my entry was lost in cyberspace or if the time diff didn’t match

  15. Thank you for your contributions, Melissa! May God bless your adoption fundraising!

  16. Ohhh. I am very jealous of your beautiful spring pictures! We are all waiting anxiously for those flowers to make their appearance here.

    Your presentation of the carnival is lovely and timely. I appreciate the hard work that went into it. And thank you for including my post on parenting!

    From joy to joy,

  17. Looks wonderful, Dana! Lots of topics covered…can’t wait!

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