Make a Lapbook!

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make a lapbook

When Beth Hempton and I worked together, we loved teaching homeschool moms and private school teachers how to make a lapbook and mini-books. The best part was always seeing some ‘traditional textbook curriculum” moms and teachers learn that hands-on projects such as mini-books and lapbooks were not only fun to make, but also educationally valuable!…

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How to Teach Narration – Charlotte Mason Mondays

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How to teach narration

That’s it?  That’s all you have to do? Said my friend who was in her second year of homeschooling. (She started her first year using a textbook curriculum with lots of questions her children were supposed to answer after their reading. And they hated it.) She couldn’t believe how simple my suggestion was. How much less…

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Reflections with my Oldest Now in College

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Editor’s note: This is from our archives and has been slightly updated. These are “homeschool mom reflections” that I wrote several years ago with my oldest in college. She had just finished her first semester and we were waiting for her grades… the true test of the academic part of homeschooling! Keep reading to see…

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