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Order Your Books Here for our Daily Lesson Plans and High School Courses

Order Your BooksAt Train up a Child Publishing, we value books!  In fact, our curriculum was designed to be affordable enough you have money left over to build a home library over time, filled with living books — books written by authors who are passionate about their subjects.  We’ve made it easy for you to order your books from our Amazon links included on our book page links below.

If you have a large family, you’ll find it especially convenient to have books readily available instead of needing to run back and forth to the library. AND you’ll avoid all of those overdue book library fees!

Whether you have a large library or not, we provide Amazon links on our web site so you may order your books at the same site as your curriculum. We have found Amazon.com to consistently have one of the best selections of new and used books while also offering prompt, reliable service AND free shipping with a qualified $35 order! Additionally, if you happen to have an Amazon Prime Membership, you have free shipping and get your books within two days. I didn’t have this while homeschooling, but it would have made my life much easier. 🙂

We appreciate you using our links to buy books! We get a few pennies per book, so when you buy your books through us you help us write more curricula! =D Also, this doesn’t cost you any extra.

Note: if you are having difficulty seeing the book links on any of our book pages, try refreshing the page a time or two or viewing the page on a different device.  Amazon hosts the links and it can be difficult to see them on a phone sometimes!

Click on the titles below to see the book suggestions for the following curricula and courses:

Additional Books

Language Arts Resources – We have found these books particularly helpful in teaching language arts.

Recommended High School and Adult Reading – Check out our ‘Personal Growth’ and our ‘Relationships’ section under this heading.

Also peruse our blog book reviews for other recommended titles. (Search under “books.”)

Homeschool Effectively and Enjoy it!

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be dry and boring.  If you are struggling keeping your kids (and yourself) engaged, try our customizable curriculum written from a biblical worldview.

Why do “public school” at home using textbooks when you can use literature-based homeschool curriculum written for the way your kids learn?

From our “open and go” Daily Lesson Plans to our unstructured Unit Programs to our High School courses,  now you can stick with one homeschool curricula from Kindergarten through High School.