Order Your Books for General Literature

Order the books you need for our General Literature Course here.

Here are the book links to the book editions used in our literature-based General Literature course so you may use our convenient Amazon links to order your books for General Literature  at the same time you order your curriculum.

If your student is taking this course with a coop or class, we recommend checking with the instructor to make sure this edition is the appropriate one for the class.

Remember when ordering through Amazon that if you buy qualified books (new and even some used books qualify!) and your order totals $35 or more, you do not pay shipping.   If you have an Amazon Prime Membership you don’t pay shipping and you usually receive your order within two days.  (No more overdue library fees!)

We appreciate your using our links to buy your books! (We make a few cents on the books you buy at no extra cost to you.) Thank you!

Note that there are short story and poetry selections used in this curriculum that are not included below as they are readily available on-line.

Note: Unfortunately, these book links can sometimes be a little unreliable when viewed on a cell phone. If you’re having difficulty seeing the links, try another device. A laptop or desktop probably works best. Refreshing the page helps, too.