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integrate subjects for easy multisensory learning

Brain-based Teaching Tip #4: Integrate Subjects for Easy Multisensory Learning

  |   Curriculum, Geography study, Language Arts, Lesson Plan, Subject Integration, Teaching - all grades, Teaching History, Teaching Science, Teaching Writing   |   No comment

Brain scientists say that in “real life” we usually learn more than one thing at a time.  And we often learn something using more than one sense at a time. Learning more wholistically, rather than artificially separating each subject, aligns better with the way our kids’...

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brain-based learning tip 3-turn your listeners into learners by priming their brains to learn

Turn Listeners into Learners by Priming their Brains

  |   Charlotte Mason, Lesson Plan, Teaching - all grades, Teaching Elementary School, Teaching High School, Teaching History, Teaching Middle School, Teaching Science   |   2 Comments

Did you know that you can turn listeners into learners by priming their brains? "Priming" is something you do to wake up your students' brains and get them ready to learn. Remember reading about how people prior to running water had to "prime the pump"? They...

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Homeschool Effectively and Enjoy it!

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be dry and boring.  If you are struggling keeping your kids (and yourself) engaged, try our customizable curriculum written from a biblical worldview.

Why do “public school” at home using textbooks when you can use literature-based homeschool curriculum written for the way your kids learn?

From our “open and go” Daily Lesson Plans to our unstructured Unit Programs to our High School courses,  now you can stick with one homeschool curricula from Kindergarten through High School.