Learn about Martin Luther King!

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Learn about Martin Luther King

Dr. King wasn’t just a brilliant man, he was a hero of our time. So how have you helped your kids learn about Martin Luther King, Jr.? Whether you’re looking for activities for Martin Luther King Day, or want your kids to learn about Dr. King and his role in the Civil Rights Movement… resources…

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The Magic and Mystery of Trees

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homeschooling father and son planting tree

Did you know that trees of the same species can help each other by sharing food and water? Or that an injured or “elderly” tree’s neighbors will pass food along to save it?  Or that trees can defend themselves against leaf-eating insects by secreting a bitter taste into their leaves? Especially if these facts are…

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The Minimalist Guide to the Holidays

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As soon as the crisp morning breeze hits your cheek, it seems like it’s just a few weeks before you’re facing the holidays and all the juggling of activities that brings. Trying to homeschool while planning and preparing for the onslaught of company, huge, intricate meals, decorating the house, holiday crafts, homemade Christmas gifts, special…

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