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Summer Update and Chance to Win Daily Lesson Plans for a Year!

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Editor’s Note: we’re sorry, this offer has expired.


So have you had slow summer days at the beach or the lake sipping iced tea, or sweet tea, if you are in my part of the country, and watching the kids splash?

Thanks for giving us a chance to do this as well.  You may have noticed that the blog has been…uh…. a little neglected… this summer.  I plan to pick up the pace on that in about mid-August!  (You know what they say about ‘all work and no play…’.)

Although we have had a chance for some sweet family time and a couple of short (and one very long) trips, as August approaches we are now in gear and working full throttle on some new projects.

South Carolina Tax Free Weekend Aug 6-8

But before I spill the beans on those, I want to remind our South Carolina friends that TAX FREE WEEKEND begins at 12:01 on Friday night, August 6th and ends at midnight Sunday night, August 8thAnything you buy directly from me (contact me at dana@trainupachildpub.com) during that time period will be tax free. This does not apply to online orders.

Additional Ways to Save and Win a Chance for a Year’s Worth of Daily Lesson Plans!

More good news! And this applies to everyone, not just South Carolina residents: If you are on our mailing list and you have NOT yet used your 25% discount coupon, you no longer need to use it within 30 days of receiving it. So, if you have last minute purchases to make before you start your school year, and you have not yet used your coupon, please feel free to do so and save 25% on your entire order.    And even better than 25% off, attend the Heart of the Matter Virtual Homeschooling Conference August 9 -13 with Susan Wise Bauer, Sally Clarkson, Jeannie Fulbright and more and be entered to win your choice of a year of Train up a Child Publishing’s Daily Lesson Plans! Read more here.

New Products Coming Soon!


For High School

World Literature: a Study of International Writers and World History I: Ancients through the Renaissance & Reformation are coming along well and will be ready just in time for this fall.  As our other high school courses, these are written to the student but include teacher’s keys and evaluation notes for the parent, allowing your student to work independently but giving you, the teacher, the tools you need to easily evaluate your student’s work.

For Elementary

Our 2nd Grade Daily Lesson Plans are well underway!  Look for Set I to be available for pre-order in September! Read more about our Daily Lesson Plans here. Click on the level(s) that you are interested in and to see samples for each grade level, scroll down to the sample link.

One Last Thing


Read my just published article today in The Homeschooler’s Notebook on Reflections on Priorities. This is an update of an article I wrote when my oldest was in her first semester of college. (She is now busily applying for graduate schools!)

Thanks for letting me update you on our doings – let us know how we can help you prepare to teach school in the fall!


  • Dana | Aug 10, 2010 at 1:37 am

    Hi Lisa,

    I am happy you like our American History I book selections! We are hoping to have American History II ready soon and we will be making the announcement to our mailing list first.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment, Lisa.


  • Lisa | Aug 9, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    I’m planning to use your American History I lesson plans for one of my daughters this fall…I love your book selections, and I’m looking forward to looking over the plans. I’m wondering when you plan to have American History II completed?


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