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I know you have just started school and all that comes with… but have you looked at the calendar lately?  Did you know that is…almost…October?

I hate to bring this up and completely stress you out.  But since I forget every. single. year. that once school starts, Christmas is right around the corner  — I was thrilled to be sent a copy of The 12-Week Holiday Planner to review. (Thank you, Sheri!)

The Gift of an Organized, Relaxed Holiday Season

Like all homeschool moms (present and former), I love organization.  I just don’t always take the time to make it happen when it comes to all that goes into Christmas.  I want to have a worshipful, peaceful, low-key Christmas; focus on the holidays and not be rushed, and almost every year the time completely gets away from me. I would dearly love to be able to think far enough ahead and schedule activities so that I am not running around like a crazy woman or burning the candle at both ends by the time the holiday season is upon me.

I love this planner!

I love it because it organizes all of the tasks that have to be done — and starts early enough that they might actually all get done.  But even more importantly, I love it because of the purpose for which it was written, included in the title:

The 12-Week Holiday Planner for the Christian Family: So You Can Keep Your Focus on Jesus This Holiday Season.


I like that!  That is what I want to do!

What a novelty it would be to thoroughly prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas, calmly, in manageable steps, without stress, while always keeping in mind why and Whom we are celebrating! I want to teach my children to do that as well!

Contained in 171 pages, this e-book by Sheri Graham and Marilyn Moll offers ideas for:

  • Easy freezer meals to make ahead of time to lighten the load later
  • Gifts from your kitchen and family baking suggestions (complete with cute recipe cards and delicious-sounding recipes)
  • Checklists and planning pages for holiday meals, house decorations, holiday wardrobe needs for your family, gifts to buy and more
  • Pages and pages of inexpensive gifts you can make for family, friends and neighbors
  • Menus and Recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years
  • Purpose-driven activities and family traditions to share with your children
  • Advent calendar and gift ideas
  • When to schedule the annual Christmas picture, letter and Christmas cards
  • Ideas on planning and scheduling a holiday open house (imagine being ready and having people in!) 🙂
  • What to do with your holiday meal left-overs
  • Christmas-themed coloring pages for your children to enjoy (these are included)

Prepare for the Holidays in Manageable Steps

As the title announces, this planner begins 12 weeks before Christmas –  in the first week of October.


Each week provides a complete “To Do” list, so I don’t have to do the thinking, planning, and scheduling.  It is much easier for me to just follow a list than have to try and come up with a plan myself.   The planner’s authors suggest printing the planner and putting it in a 3 ring binder, making sure to print the 12 divider pages on card stock.  An additional benefit, you can use the planner in succeeding years by just reprinting the consumable pages each year.

I’m imagining beginning this herculean task early and following the prescribed schedule so that when December rolls around I can truly celebrate Jesus peacefully this season with my family, friends and those around me who do not know Him.

I am going to print mine out right now and get it in a notebook so I will be ready to begin the first weekend in October.  If you would like to get one, too, click here. Sheri says they are only $12.95 and come as an immediate download.



2 thoughts on “It’s Just Around the Corner

  1. I’m glad you found what you were looking for, Lisa! I’ve had very positive feedback from those who have purchased it as well.

  2. Finally a homeschool approach that really makes sense. Was looking for this in other sites but not anymore!

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