A Homeschool Graduate Looks Back

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Most of us wonder how homeschooling through high school will affect our children, especially if our children think they might like to join the rank and file in public high school instead of continuing to be schooled at home.  We often wish we could look ahead and see how it will turn out before we…

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10 Reasons Why I Homeschool

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10 reasons why I homeschool

Editor’s note: I wrote “10 reasons why I homeschool” several years ago while I was still homeschooling.  The photo is a picture of my husband and our two kids who had entered our homeschool support group’s cake baking and decorating contest for dads and kids. 😀   The best thing about this post is my…

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5 Steps to Deal with Bad Attitudes in Your Children

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bad attitudes

What do you do when your children have a bad attitude about doing homeschool work? I confess, my initial reaction is not usually pleasant, although I am working on that. If you struggle with this in your household (and who doesn’t?) here are 5 steps to deal with bad attitudes in your children that could…

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