Prayers Unfocused? Try Praying Loudly

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beautiful black woman praying loudly and passionately

Editor’s Note: I don’t know about you,  but I had trouble during the baby years staying focused in prayer. Especially if I was extra tired. If you have problems staying focused in prayer sometimes, read this thoughtful guest post by Andrew Fouché of the Olive Olive Tree Bible Study App, encouraging us to try praying…loudly. …

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5 Steps to Deal with Bad Attitudes in Your Children

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bad attitudes

Bad attitudes and human beings, grownups or kids, go together. No surprise, right? Here are 5 quick tips for dealing with bad attitudes in your children, especially if you’re homeschooling.   There are always deeper reasons why we have bad attitudes, but these quick tips can help you eliminate a few easy-to-fix “contributing factors” to…

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Do you have a homeschooling success plan?

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Many of us jump into homeschooling SCARED. TO. DEATH. You believe that it’s the best thing for your family, and then the fear sets in about whether you have the skills you’ll need and all the decisions you have to make. So you look to someone else who has homeschooled longer, and you copy everything…

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