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About Train up a Child Publishing


Train up a Child PublishingHi There!

I’m Dana Wilson, the owner and an author of Train up a Child Publishing™ Christian, literature-based homeschool curricula.

Train up a Child Publishing

Epi Kardia Heart

If you have been around  awhile, you may remember us as Epi Kardia — remember the lovely heart, drawn by my husband, on our website and curricula covers?

As you can see from our website, Epi Kardia is now formally Train up a Child Publishing™ LLC!

Although my mission is still to help and equip parents raise godly and well-educated generations, I think the new name is easier to remember (and pronounce!) and will be recognized as part of a familiar Bible verse by Christian parents:

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.” ~Proverbs 22:6

Train up a Child Publishing

Our family.

So, according to this verse,  We want to train up a child in the way he should go; the way God made him or herwe need to become students of our children to discover how they best learn. Our homeschool curriculum, even in high school, offers opportunities to teach to visual, auditory, kinesthetic and other learners.  I’m here to help!

I’m a homeschooling mom like you who happily homeschooled from kindergarten through high school.  I want to help you do the same, through our literature-based homeschool curricula and through my blog, both written from a biblical worldview.

One of the first things I learned about homeschooling was that the way I thought I was supposed to teach wasn’t the way my children learned.

It was quite a shock!  

After a bit of exploration, we found that a modified Charlotte Mason approach worked wonderfully for all of us! It was natural, flexible, focused on a biblical worldview, used the highest quality literature, and it was MUCH easier to teach and more engaging than the other methods we tried. Yay!  We studied history chronologically and wove science, language arts and fine arts into our studies as they naturally occurred.

And because my kids and yours probably have different ways of learning than just “read the chapter, answer the study questions, and take the test,” we incorporate lots of other types of learning in our curriculum.

Hands on projects, graphic timelines, notebooking, and lapbooking ideas are all contained within Train up a Child Publishing curricula, as well as discussion, narration, copywork and other tried and true methods of teaching and learning.

Before we had children, did I expect to be homeschooling? Honestly, no, I didn’t. But I am OH, SO GLAD that we did! Not that it has always been easy or without frustration at times, but the fruit that resulted in our children and our family has blessed us immeasurably. Now with grown children who are following hard after the Lord, I can readily see how our many years of homeschooling brought our family together and has kept us close.


What are our kids doing now, you ask?

Aliece, our oldest, is married to David and is a doctor of physical therapy practicing locally. (YAY!)  One of the pictures below  is her graduation with honors from the Medical University of South Carolina.  In the one further to the right,  we had just attended Michael’s “white coat” ceremony. He has less than a year left before he also becomes a doctor of physical therapy.  We are so grateful to have them both in the area! (And we are getting to the ages where we will really appreciate having two physical therapists in the family!)

Michael white coat ceremony sm

Michael just after his white coat ceremony

Aliece graduating with honors from M.U.S.C.

Aliece graduating with honors from M.U.S.C.


What did I do before we homeschooled?

Before we had children, I served as a Human Resource Director for a national non-profit in the Washington, D.C. area and at a national homebuilding firm, as a counselor/director of a transitional facility for alcoholics and offenders, and an educator of both children and adults.

Read below how our company began, and while you are visiting today, feel free to peruse my blog. In fact, if you could use two free classic, well-loved poetry e-books, join our mailing list below!

In addition to two free e-books, you will receive approximately weekly emails chock full of teaching ideas, free lesson plans, homeschooling support, Christian parenting suggestions, book reviews and even the occasional discount coupon.  We also have special sales just for our loyal subscribers!


Read more here about Train up a Child Publishing’s beginnings.


Why do “public school at home” using textbook curricula, when you can use innovative programs that are based on the way children actually learn?

Learn more about our curricula’s subject integration and our unique history cycle and see our curriculum options.  Explore our blog and receive two free gifts for subscribing to our free homeschool helps.

Train up a Child Publishing offers literature-based homeschool curriculum from Kindergarten through High School, all written from a Christian worldview. From our unstructured, Charlotte Mason-style Unit Programs, to our structured Daily Lesson Plans and our popular High School Courses, we have you covered.

Uniquely engaging with assignments appealing to different learning styles, Train up a Child Publishing curriculum makes homeschooling fun and effective.