Freedom & Simplicity Guide to Using Ebooks – a Review

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What to do with all those e-books…

Whether you are pondering where to get them, how best to read them or how in the world to find them once they have been downloaded into your computer, Lisa @ Me and My House’s Putting the ‘E’ in Home E-ducation: Freedom & Simplicity Guide to Using Ebooks will answer all of your questions.

This helpful and well-researched little book not only provides links to many free resources for all of the above, it also describes the following:

  • the features, pros and cons of the different e-readers available today
  • free apps that will allow you to read e-books on your home desktop/laptop computer
  • a few purchased and free software programs that will catalogue your e-books
  • inexpensive and well-rated printers to consider for printing your e-books
  • binding options for e-books.

As a publisher myself, I also appreciated Lisa’s reminder about e-book copyrights. Even though they are ‘virtual,’ and thus easy to share, e-books are legally intellectual property and you can’t sell, give or lend them to anyone else if you retain a print or electronic copy.


My Favorite Part of the Book!

I laughed out loud when I read the following:

Having one big folder (on your computer or elsewhere) called “Ebooks” won’t be helpful for very long. You may think the simplest way to do this is to just put all your downloaded ebooks into that folder on your computer, or have various folders where you can sort them out by type, but as you accumulate a larger ebook library, this will not be best nor the most helpful for actually using (remembering to use) those ebooks.    p. 8.

Lisa, have you looked at my computer?! I have e-books in so many places that I really need that free software you tell us about and I’ll be downloading it just as soon as I finish this review.

Like so many homeschool moms, I love to research and discovered many gems through the years that I planned to incorporate into our homeschooling. I’m still finding them, although our youngest is a rising junior in college. Sigh.

But YOU don’t have to do that. Lisa is offering her e-book for a limited time at a low introductory price. If you would like to do better at managing and organizing e-books more effectively so they can be incorporated into your homeschooling (and as Lisa pointed out, there are so many free classics!), you might just want to take a look.

I am excited to have recently received a Kindle as a gift, so this was a very timely read for me.  Now I know how to find, gather and organize my e-books, as well as send them to my Kindle to read. Thank you, Lisa!


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Do you use e-books in your homeschooling? Do you have trouble keeping track of them? How do you manage your e-books? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Disclaimer: I did receive this e-book in exchange for a review, although the thoughts expressed are entirely my own. No other compensation was or will be received for this review or your purchase of this e-book.


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