Secondary Unit Program (9-12th)



Take your students from Ninth through Twelfth Grades with our unstructured Secondary Unit Program.

Learn to teach history, language arts and fine arts to your high school students using real, living books! (Note: no science is included at the high school level.) Using our pre-read book suggestions and assignment ideas, you can put together your own literature-based high school courses.

In addition to the timeline, map skills, writing and narration ideas, our program includes a Scripture lesson and time management instructions written directly to your high school student in every unit!

  • Our Creation-to-Modern format will give you a framework to teach from (while giving your students a sense of the “flow” of history)
  • You’ll be able to choose books and plan high school courses since we tell you in each book listing what courses it could be used to teach
  • Tailor book choices to your student’s reading level as we designate books as challenging, less challenging or more challenging
  • Easily choose a variety of materials as we identify books that are available in auditory or more visual formats
  • Choose from a multitude of suggested history writing, map, timeline, narration, fine arts, and project assignments
  • Additional sections include unit Bible memorization/devotions, organizational and time management techniques and multi-age activities, written to your high school students
  • Additionally, the Secondary Unit Program includes unit lists of people, places, and topics for further research

Sample Secondary IMMIGRATION Unit here.  

See a sample schedule for all of our Unit Programs here.

I can see how to teach history with whole books, but what about Language Arts?

Our Teacher’s Manual (digital format) covering 6th through 12th grades included in the Secondary Unit Program will teach you how to teach and evaluate language arts, including how to teach oral and written narrations and use them for evaluation, how to choose copy work and more. Additionally,  we teach you how to use your high school students’ compositions to teach grammar and spelling. Further, we have a bonus section in this upper grades teaching manual on teaching and evaluating high school writing.

Alternatively, for an already-made course to teach your 8th or 9th grade student how to write the five most common high school essays, check out our Essay Styles for High School course!

What’s included in the Secondary Unit Program?

Our Secondary Unit Program includes nine historical units and one resource unit covering from Ancients through Modern times,  a 100+ page Teacher’s Manual covering Sixth through Twelfth Grades, a download of customizable forms, graphic organizers and other resources, and a digital file of nine printable, cut-apart history bookmarks corresponding to our nine units.

Note: This is a digital product.  We’ll send you the download link as soon as we receive your payment.

secondary unit program

How do I use the Secondary Unit Program?

Read our 100+ page Teacher’s Manual for how to teach history, language arts, science, and fine arts.  Then start your study:

  • Read the Teacher’s overview for each unit.
  • Choose from our book suggestions labeled by unit and topic and gather your books
  • Pick out the assignments and projects from our suggestions
  • Choose a few English skills you want to work on for each week from our checklists
  • Choose the copywork illustrating those skills from your history and science books (we teach you how)
  • Have your children narrate over their reading
  • Journal what you and your children read and do. 
  •  we suggest you track each book your high schooler reads on its own 4-6 inch index card. Write the book information (title, author, short summary) on the front of the card. Summarize any projects or assignments done pertaining to the book on the back of the card.  Then divide the cards up into the appropriate categories/courses. (For example, all the books read on World History would be listed for the World History course.)

Want to Make it Easier on Yourself?

If you would like to have your high school student use one or more pre-made high school courses, take a look at our High School Courses by subject!  We cover Essay Styles (the five Essays needed in high school — a prerequisite for our high school courses), General Literature, American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, American History, World History, The Art of Public Speaking and The Steps to Writing a Research Paper.

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Unit Program Notebook, Complete Unit Program


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