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World History I

Study World History while analyzing great leaders of the past!

Written from a biblical worldview, our literature-based World History I high school course covers from the Ancients through the Renaissance & Reformation.  Your student will begin by reading the historical portions of the Bible. Along with the cultures and peoples of the Bible, your student will learn about Ancient Egypt, Greece, China,  Rome and the Early Church.

Your highschooler will study the middle ages by reading about illuminating characters such as Genghis and Kublai Khan, St. Patrick, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Joan of Arc.

Progressing through history, your student will discover the exhilaration behind the Renaissance and the opposing viewpoints that caused the Reformation.

World History I review

Additionally, World History I provides your high school student:

• the chance to consider leadership qualities by analyzing history’s best and most ruthless leaders
•  an engaging, customized learning experience with a variety of assignment choices, using your student’s learning styles and  natural gifts
• readable, illustrated unit overviews summarizing the major events and people of each unit
• detailed rubrics  to make sure your student understands exactly what to do and how you will be evaluating each assignment —making teaching and evaluating a breeze


See the Table of Contents and Sample of World History I: Ancients through the Renaissance & Reformation.


World History I: Ancients through the Renaissance & Reformation is 191 pages, printed black and white and coil bound.


Don’t forget that World History I also has a Teacher’s Guide:

•  featuring answers to discussion and short answer questions, discussion/narration prompts and useful background information.
• with special appendices (including timeline templates, map ideas, mini-research topics, graphic organizers and sample reading assignment charts for each unit)
• available as a separate printed, spiral bound book or an economical, immediate download

Click Here to learn more about the Teacher’s Guide

Click here to read more about and order your books for World History I!


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