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British Literature


British Literature: a Study of British Writers


British Literature connects excellent literature to significant historical events, expanding your students’ understanding of literature and history.

In addition to a better understanding of history, reading excellent writing will help your high schooler develop solid writing skills!

Using “living” books instead of textbooks,  your student will study written works of powerful British authors and poets such as William Shakespeare (pictured on our cover), Geoffrey Chaucer, Charlotte Bronte, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, and C.S. Lewis.

This full-year, high school level course will have your homeschooled high school student studying two plays, multiple selections of poetry and one selection of epic poetry, several short stories and four novels. (An optional honors track often includes extra reading.)

British Literature incorporates the essay writing skills taught in our Essay Styles for High School course and we recommend that course as a prerequisite to all of our literature and history courses.  (Essay Styles may also be taken concurrently with any of our literature or history courses.)

British Literature; a Study of British Writers includes:

  • short book summaries, clear objectives and step-by-step instructions written to your student all make this an easy course to teach
  • a variety of assignment choices using different learning styles provides an engaging, customized learning experience for your high school student
  • an optional honors track with specific directions for honors assignments ( sometimes requiring extra reading)
  • detailed evaluation directions, rubrics and grading tips  to make it easy on YOU, the teacher
  • graphic organizers/notebooking pages for literary components, including plot-mapping and characterization, making this course especially helpful for visual or structural students
  • vocabulary lists and activity ideas to build your college-bound student’s vocabulary (think SAT and ACT readiness!)
  • a glossary of literary terms to help both you and your student
  • a deeper understanding of literary devices and analysis

See the Table of Contents and Sample of British Literature: a Study of British Writers.

British Literature: a Study in British Writers is 104 pages, printed black and white and coil bound.

Read more about our other literature, history and composition courses as well as other English electives.


Dear Dana:
     My name is Deborah Henderson and I was the teacher for the British Lit course last year at the Christian Homeschoolers of Union County co-op. Cherie Wilson has been in contact with you regarding curriculum for this year’s co-op and you asked her for some feedback on the British Lit.
     My favorite part of the course was the book study. That really helped students think about the selection in a deeper way and be more aware of what they were reading.  It also demonstrated to me that they understood the work.  I also was helped by the rubrics.  Grading was much easier and the students and parents were aware of exactly what their grades were based on.  Before the course began a major complaint from the students was that literature was too subjective.  The rubrics helped them see that there was some objectivity in their assessment of literature and my grading of it.
     This curriculum really suited our co-op and I wouldn’t change anything about the way it is laid out. The only modifications I made to the course were in the way the students interacted with each other.  Because I ended up with a small group it was easier to have the girls work together on some of the assignments, such as the scrapbook for The Canterbury Tales. Another collaboration was on the presentation of poems; the girls memorized every other stanza of The Charge of the Light Brigade and recited it together for the Spring Showcase we put on every year for parents to see their children’s work. They did a great job and it went over very well with the audience!
     Thank you so much for this quality curriculum. I really enjoyed teaching from it and look forward to using other curricula from your company.
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