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American History I

American History I: Colonization through the Civil War


Help your high school student develop a healthy, realistic view of our true American heritage with God as the Designer and Orchestrator of our nation with our literature-based American History I curriculum.

American History I review

American History I is divided into four nine week units: Colonial, Revolution, Westward Expansion and Civil War and provides:

  • the chance for your highschooler to examine  historical documents such as letters from Benjamin Banneker and poetry written by Abraham Lincoln, in addition to other primary and secondary sources
  • an engaging study for your student with a variety of assignment choices utilizing different learning styles, providing an engaging, customized learning experience
  • a course written to your student with step-by-step instructions for completing and evaluating each assignment for you, making teaching and evaluation easy
  • special year-round assignments with timeline, geography and mini-research topics to round out your student’s reading
  • an optional honors track
  • the chance for your high schooler to learn about who our founding fathers really were and not just what they did!


See the Table of Contents and Sample of American History I

American History I: Colonization through the Civil War is 150 pages, printed in black and white and coil bound.

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