Coronavirus Quarantine? 25 Family Boredom Busters

Are you and your family at home on a Coronavirus Quarantine? Here are 25 boredom busters to liven up your routine.

If you are stuck in the house because of the coronavirus quarantine these 25 family boredom busters will give you something to do together that will make you laugh and draw you together as a family, whether you are homeschooling by choice or not!

So this is a crazy time, isn’t it?
  • everyone is paranoid about getting sick
  • parents are staying home from work and kids are home from school
  • there’s no toilet paper to be had anywhere
That’s how it is where I live, anyway.  Our state doesn’t have a lot of documented cases of COVID-19, but that doesn’t stop people from paranoia. Or from hoarding toilet paper.
For us, having kids home is the norm, but some families aren’t prepared to be together 24-7. Some of them are used to staying busy with both parents working outside the home, long hours of public school, daily sports practices, and all the rest.
So I’m sure there are families who are scrambling to manage everyone under one roof for an extended period of time.
I am praying that this health crisis will bring families together.
We had a much less scary and dangerous period where our family felt socially isolated. When my kids were small, we had to move to a different city for about 4 months because of my husband’s job. We didn’t know a soul. Didn’t have a church. Didn’t even have a TV.
But y’ know what? It was wonderful. What did we do for fun? At night after dinner, we read together. Our kids couldn’t read by themselves yet, so we read aloud to them. We read the American Girl Books, the Litte House on the Prairie series, and many others. (We played games, too, because we all love games.) But I remember reading the most. And the kids have always spoken so fondly about that time and how much fun we had.
Times like these, as difficult as they are for many reasons,  can draw your family closer.
As Christian homeschoolers, we have a mission field here.
  • You can be peaceful when others are panicking
  • You can be kind when others are berating the cashiers for what their stores are out of
  • We can offer to run errands or help the elderly, who shouldn’t be out and about

25 boredom busters: dad and daughter planting a garden

And what should you do with your kids with this extended period at home?

This is a great time to keep homeschooling without so many outside activities to distract you. If you homeschool. If you are only homeschooling by necessity right now, then you will want to do your best to have a daily schedule that probably focuses on school-work first.
Although in many families both parents are home now, which always signified VACATION TIME at our house.  So if you are having a hard time sticking to your normal schedule or having a difficult time even creating one, start small. Plan a rough schedule when everyone is working on schoolwork.
Make these activities a reward for quickly finishing the normal daily schoolwork. Alternatively, work hard for four days a week getting school done and make day five the play day!
Some of these activities are just fun, some are educational (shhh), and some are helpful for getting some exercise together outside.  ENJOY the time together as much as you can!

Beat Coronavirus quarantine with these 25 Boredom Busters

    1. Take turns setting up blindfolded “taste tests” of a variety of liquids and foods with different members of the family. See who can stump the others and who guesses more of them correctly.
    2. With more time and an able-bodied (Dad) helper, do a project you normally wouldn’t want to mess the house up doing.
    3. Have dad and the kids cook together! (And clean up.) My personal favorite.
    4. Bone up on your art education by taking a virtual stroll through parts of 12 of the most famous museums in the world.
    5. Plant a garden together if it’s warm enough where you are. If it isn’t, start some seeds growing in preparation.
    6. Using random things around the house or in the garage, divide the family into two or more teams and each makes an obstacle course.  (Or maybe parents vs. kids if the kids are old enough.) There’s lots of room for creativity here.
    7. Take daily walks or hikes outside. History tells us that fresh air and sunshine are natural antibiotics.
    8. Make a big fort with chairs, pillows, and blankets or set up a tent inside (or in the backyard if it’s warm enough) and read together. Or read together, separately.
    9. Make sidewalk chalk masterpieces in the driveway or on the porch. Or trace each of your kids and have them fill in the details.  Take pictures of the results.
    10. Teach your kids to make bread or bake cut out cookies. Don’t forget to decorate them.
    11. Make slime or play dough.
    12. Play 20 Questions, charades, or your favorite board games. Make it special by making snacks or drinking hot chocolate.
    13. When you get tired of your family’s games, switch games with another family (depending on how stringent your quarantine rules are).
    14. Dramatize a scene from one of your favorite family read alouds together. Extra points for coming up with costumes.
    15. If it’s safe for your family, give neighbor parents a break and have their kids over to play for a morning or afternoon (depending on how stringent your quarantine rules are and other factors).
    16. Everyone pick their favorite movie on Netflix and have a movie marathon in your jammies with popcorn.
    17. If the weather allows, have a family picnic at the beach, at the park, or in your backyard.
    18. Do some science experiments together as a family. Here are 63 that you can do with regular stuff around the house. (Of course, you can count this for school!)
    19. Dig out your coloring books and crayons and color together.
    20. Play the card games you played as a child: Go Fish, Books, Old Maid, War.
    21. Find your unmatched socks, old buttons, and ribbon and make sock puppets. Then put on a puppet show for the littles or make a video so others can enjoy the show.
    22. With your elementary on up kids, gather colored paper, leftover bits of wrapping paper, ribbon, rick-rack, washi tape, scissors, and glue sticks and make greeting cards.
    23. Make a bucket of bubble solution and bend a large circle of thick wire on a stick or broom handle. Make HUGE bubbles for the kids to chase.
    24. For the crafty, here are 50 ideas of colorful, fun things kids can make.
    25. Play outside games like Mother, May I, Freeze Tag, Sardines, Hide and Go Seek, Hop Scotch, Four Square, and Red Light-Green Light. (Some of these are great for teaching littles instructions, too.)
I pray you and your family are well and are able to handle this time with grace and peace.
P.P.S. This is a fantastic time to work on teaching your kids to have good habits while you are home without so many distractions. Learn how to teach your kids good habits and which habits to teach by reading Basic Habit Training.

4 thoughts on “Coronavirus Quarantine? 25 Family Boredom Busters

  1. These are great activities and definitely needed during the Coronavirus quarantine! It has been hard sticking to our studies and getting everything finished. I like the idea of using these as an incentive to get their work done.

    1. Thank you, Heidi! Homeschool moms need all the incentives we can get — especially now when the days all look the same!

  2. Fun list! How about making it a printable? Pretty please???

    1. Hi DaLynn, check the P.S. and click the link to get your printable copy. Thanks for your comment!

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