Turn Listeners into Learners by Priming their Brains

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brain-based learning tip 3-turn your listeners into learners by priming their brains to learn

Did you know that you can turn listeners into learners by priming their brains? “Priming” is something you do to wake up your students’ brains and get them ready to learn. Remember reading about how people prior to running water had to “prime the pump”? They pulled and pushed the farmyard water pump handle up…

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Brain-based Teaching Tip 2 – Move to Learn

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move more, learn more

Children who move more focus better, learn more quickly and remember what they’ve learned longer than children who are sitting all day.  It only makes sense. If you are moving you’re getting more oxygen to your brain, right? It stands to reason that increased movement would help children to learn: moving more equals more blood…

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How to Teach and Grade Using Rubrics

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using rubrics

How many times have you assigned a report or project to  your homeschooled student and then were surprised when they turned in SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than you expected? Me, too! Until I  learned how to teach and grade using rubrics. As the teacher it’s your job to clearly communicate what you want your student to do…

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