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And the Winner is….!

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Using the website Random.org, (which actually works on more than 100 entries),  we randomly picked a winner from all of your sweet comments!

And the winner is…drum roll…. Sally T. from Burnet, Texas!! Congratulations, Sally!

And to Thank You for Entering Our Giveaway…

We are offering you very special pricing on our Daily Lesson Plan CDs!

If you have been homeschooling any length of time at all you know how difficult it is to find the RIGHT homeschooling curricula.

It’s either…

  • too hard to follow
  • takes too long to plan and/or prepare to teach
  •  too expensive
  • too traditional, full of monotonous textbooks and worksheets written from a secular worldview
  • does not incorporate HISTORY, SCIENCE, LANGUAGE ARTS and FINE ARTS in one, simple to follow plan, OR
  •  is just plain boring!

Read What Others are Saying About our Curriculum…

[I was concerned about] buying the books and the price of the first grade daily lesson plan curriculum, [but found] it was awesome!!!!!! So much better than doing Charlotte Mason on my own and we tried {popular Christian, literature-based curriculum} and it doesn’t compare. I like how everything is incorporated. It has been put together so much better than anything else I have looked at. The books are great, the schedule is easy to follow. If I were to write a curriculum ( as if I had the time) this would be it, but this is so much better that what I would have put together. My daughter loves it too!!!  –Wendy

The greatest part of Epi Kardia is the wonderful collection of (recommended) whole book titles for the different time periods and the way arts and science are already woven together for me to use. An added benefit is the love of learning this curriculum has helped instill in my children. They are NEVER bored with this program.  –Jennifer

I would absolutely recommend Epi Kardia especially for any family that is interested in well-planned curriculums that are literature-based using a Charlotte Mason approach… I was impressed with how comprehensive the Daily Lesson Plans were and our family was not disappointed with the results of using it… I have learned so much about our history and Charlotte Mason’s methods…I think I learned more from your curriculum than I did in school. –Tracey*

Our Daily Lesson Plans were written by homeschooling moms, just like you!

By God’s grace, we successfully homeschooled our children through high school.

Although I occasionally chose to put my children in a class taught by someone else, especially for that high school math, I never sent them out to any of the recently popular and expensive “homeschooling” options where someone else chooses the curriculum, someone else does the teaching, and I was only responsible to make sure their (overabundance) of ‘homework’ was done.

Instead, we chose to keep our children at home, where we could focus on mentoring and discipling them, training them from our
Biblical worldview, and teaching them how to love and serve each other, our family, and others.

Rather than trying to do “school at home,” as in many of the popular “canned” textbook curricula, we chose to teach the way children naturally learn, using Charlotte Mason’s methods of superior, well-written literature, short lessons, plenty of time out of doors, and early focus on instilling obedience and habit training.

This was our mindset in creating our Daily Lesson Plans…

…which feature

  • integrated daily lessons in history, science, reading, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, literature study, poetry, fine arts, and more
  • weekly themes and objectives outlined at the beginning of each week in all of the subjects we cover
  • reading assignments, discussion questions, science experiments, history activities, art projects – with weekly materials and list of supplies to make preparation a cinch
  • vocabulary and spelling (up to middle school) words and copy work selections already chosen from the history and science reading
  • short grammar lessons with answer keys provided

VERY Special Pricing for One Week Only!

Beginning TODAY and continuing until Thursday, March 28th at midnight, we are offering our Daily Lesson Plans CDs at a whopping 50% off — with FREE SHIPPING* on all CDs ordered!

This applies to one set or several! Save as much as $100 + shipping fees on one CD if you buy one complete year of lesson plans!

 Set I, II, or III of any grade level – usually $75 + shipping charges, now only $37.50!!

Complete Year’s Plans – usually $200 + shipping charges, now only $100!!

All you have to do to place your order is go to our online catalog and order. Your shipping cart will automatically calculate your savings – no coupon to have to remember and type in.

If you would rather order by mail, please let us know what you would like to order by email and we will immediately invoice you. Remember, there is no shipping charge on CDs. If you choose to order other items at the same time, shipping will be calculated only on those items.

To take advantage of these spectacular prices, head over to our online catalog. Remember, the sale prices will be reflected in your shopping cart once you add one or more CDs to the cart!

 *for U.S. orders


Best Regards,

Christian literature based homeschool curriclum


*Take a look at the rest of Tracey’s detailed review of our First Grade Lesson Plans!

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