Can I use your daily lesson plans without all the books?

how to use our daily lesson plans without all the books

How to use our Daily Lesson Plans without all the books A FAQ we get all the time: I love the lesson plan sample I see on your website! I know I should be using a literature-based homeschooling curriculum instead of  {textbook curriculum}, but I don’t think I could find or afford to buy all of…

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What comes with Daily Lesson Plans?

what comes with the daily lesson plans

Today I’m answering a recent question from a homeschooling mom asking about what comes with Daily Lesson Plans.   Here’s the question: I want to make sure that I am understanding ordering options correctly.  The 1st grade daily lesson plans are $250 for the lesson plans.  This does not include the lists of books, the…

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Middle School Daily Lesson Plans

middle school daily lesson plans

You can stop worrying whether you’re covering enough with our Middle School Daily Lesson Plans. With our open and go middle school lesson plans you’ll easily teach history, science, language arts, and fine arts together, organized within the framework of nine historical units covering from Creation to Modern. Our structured plans offer you an easy…

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