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Home education using Real books is easier than you think.

It's an excellent, simple, and budget-friendly way to home educate your children. You'll also get email support from a seasoned homeschool mom graduate. Read what others are saying:

"Dear Dana, Thank you so very much for gifting this fantastic resource to me! I LOVE it!!!! It will be incredibly useful, is already hole punched and in the front of my planner for easy access :-) I found it full of great ideas! S."

"Thank you Dana!!! I needed this pep talk so much today! Perfect timing. Shelly"

"Thank you so much for this email! I feel like you’ve been in my home! A.L."

"Thank you so much for ALL the wonderful ideas and information you offer us all.Blessings, K."

I've been where you are, and I see you.

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